Development coaching program



This program consists of 6, 9 or 12 coaching sessions over a period of 3-6 months
This program is for people who want to make significant changes in their lives. It might be losing weight, improving or saving a relationship; dealing with a serious personal, family or business problem; overcoming depression or a bad habit…The list is continuous.

The conventional wisdom is that it takes about 28 days to change a bad habit. Unfortunately, that is not always the reality. Current research shows that most people need at least three months to substitute a new behaviour for a bad habit. Whatever change you want to see happening in your life, give yourself enough time.

 What you will get from that program

 1 Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, which will help me gather more information about you, your circumstances and environment. It will help you to dig deeper into your inner world and start recognising your deeper desires, motives, values and beliefs. It will help you clarify what you really want to do, change or achieve.

2. Every session will last for 60 min. I will be asking you questions that would help you clarify what you want to happen in that particular area in your life and help you set a positive, achievable and measurable goal. I may ask you some challenging questions to raise your awareness about some limiting beliefs that you might have, which are potentially holding you back. We will explore different options and ways to move forward and finally, we will agree on specific action steps that you will commit to taking before our next session. Remember that Coaching is about the future; to take you where you want to be faster than if you were trying to do it on your own.

3. Mentoring. Alongside working on your goal, we will discuss important topics which are essential for adopting a positive and overcoming mindset. The topics will cover Procrastination/Motivation; Managing Stress; Achieving work-life balance; The power of our thoughts and words; How to maintain a positive mental attitude.

3. Email support in between the sessions.
You may email me anytime in between the sessions if you want to share a success or a challenge. I will come back to you in within 24h and may send you some additional exercises to do or articles to read to keep you motivated and focused. Your success is my priority!


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