My clients

My clients are women from all spheres of life, who recognized that there is something in their life that needs to be improved, developed or changed, and they have a desire and determination to make the necessary changes so that they can experience a more fulfilled life! Some of them have already achieved success in different areas of life. However, they have recognised their need for a coach to empower and challenge them to go beyond their natural abilities and achieve even more.

Others felt stuck in a job, in a relationship or life in general. They were willing to make changes but did not know how to do it or were lacking the right tools.

Some of my clients have struggled with depression and anxiety. Working with me have helped them to recognise any underlying beliefs or negative pattern of thinking, which have triggered those negative emotions. They also have learned methods of how to alter their thinking and regulate the symptoms of depression and anxiety by practising different positive activities.

Together we can work through this

One of the main issues presented by my clients is achieving a work-life balance. Are you feeling stressed and exhausted from the demands of everyday life?  Have you lost your personal and family time and as a result of that your relationships are suffering? We can work through these issues together where you will learn to prioritise the important things in your life; learn to manage your time better, free enough time in your busy schedule to relax and spend time with your family or friends. I will encourage you to spend more time and appreciate nature, to meet a friend for a cup of coffee or develop a hobby, as all these have a therapeutic effect on our lives and can greatly reduce our stress levels.

You may be going through a crisis or life transition, such as finding a new career, moving to a new place and starting over or looking to start a new relationship. I will guide you through the process, support you and encourage you to take the steps required to start afresh. No matter what life brings to us or what circumstances surround us, we can still choose our responses and attitude. We might not be able to change the situation, but we can change ourselves and make the best of it.

Parenting is rewarding but can be very challenging, especially if you are a single parent or dealing with a strong-willed child.  You may have a large household, many children or perhaps a child with additional needs. Whatever the challenges, we can work together through it. I will support you to create a daily structure, family routines, set boundaries for your children and prioritise your workload, so you can find enough time for yourself and become a calm parent.

During the coaching process, my goal is to raise your awareness about any unhealthy habit or pattern of thinking that is making you feel “stuck” or is hindering you from succeeding in life. What’s your auto-pilot? How do you express your personality? How does the way you communicate affect how people see you and open or shut doors for you? What about your ‘self-talk’ – is it positive or disempowering?  Once you recognise and remove the roadblocks from your path you will feel the freedom to move forward, to set goals, to achieve and overcome things in your life. 


Whatever the challenge is,
you know that you need to take action and you need help!

You don’t have to go it alone,

let’s work through this together

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