Read some of the testimonials I’ve received from my clients

My coaching sessions with Miglena have been invaluable. Miglena has shown great understanding to me through the sessions, which enabled me to really be myself and open up to her with personal stuff. Miglena has helped me to gain clarity, which helped me to realise any anxiety I had over certain areas. I was feeling overwhelmed with lots of things going on in my life and through Miglena’s coaching I am now in a much calmer place, where I am effectively working toward my goals one step at a time. I would be happy to recommend Miglena to anyone wanting change in their life.

Elizabeth Can

Badminton Coach and a Life Coach

The coaching has enabled me to consider my future in a more positive light. It has encouraged me to look at the wider picture and to put things into perspective when my problems seem overwhelming…The coaching has been most effective in helping me to address the difficulties I have been facing with finding the time to give to my family, friends, work and spiritual life. This has allowed me to feel less pressured and has relieved some of the constant stress I was previously feeling.

Chris Remfrey

Client, Family Support Worker

The coaching sessions with Miglena have been ground breaking. She has been encouraging me to realize my ambition of becoming an accomplished musician whilst maintaining my new career as a life coach. These objectives have been competing for my time and attention, which has caused some procrastination and lack of motivation. She has kept me on track and continue to keep me motivated in achieving my goals, thereby reducing my stress levels and encouraging me to achieve a balance in my life, so that I can enjoy the process.

Clive de Silva

Life Coach

I am so happy Miglena introduced me to the life coaching, because she has helped me to find answers to the questions that I had in my mind for a long time, but could not ask myself directly. I am going to University very soon and that was the perfect time for me to figure out what my goal is and to make a plan how to achieve it. My coach Miglena has helped me to break down my goal into PRACTICAL steps that I take every day. I can share my hopes and fears and I feel that I can trust her. She does not give me answers, but rather helps me to get them myself by asking the right questions. I believe I have gone a very long way since I started…I am ready to deal with my weaknesses, something I have never done before and be the woman I want to be.

Molly Tasheva

Student in Fashion Design

“…my coach Miglena, showed a genuine interest in my life, changes and progress that I was trying to make, which made me to believe in my success and helped me to stay determined and consistent on my way to reach my goals. I am most grateful for all the guidance, support and motivation my coach gave me and will definitely recommend this experience to others.

Roza Wloczewska

Working with Miglena has been empowering. I am now pursuing personal goals that I didn’t think I had the time for, as well as improving other important areas in my life that had completely overwhelmed me. Miglena has given me the tools to take small steps and take positive actions, and the effects of my new perspective is positively impacting on my whole family. I finally have the sense of purpose that I’d always felt I was missing! 
Lara Garrick


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