It is just true that people who achieve a lot have different daily routine than other people. Those who succeed are intentional about their day, they have certain routine in place to keep their life organised and focused and they continue to learn and develop.

There is a clarity of where their life is going and their actions are purposeful and focused toward achieving their goal.

Take athletes, musicians, professionals, business people or public figures – they all got to where they are now by having clear focus, determination and discipline.

Whatever you want to achieve- big or small, it all starts with determination and taking small steps every day, for as long as it takes until it brings the desired results.

What is your daily routine? Is it building toward the future you want? Or is it all over the place and leading you nowhere?

If you feel all over the place and live each day with no purpose, it is time to step back and look at the bigger picture of your life.

It is time to get clear about where your life is heading, what unique skills and talents, dreams and aspirations have you got and what are you going to do with it.

It is time to examine your heart. As the Bible says: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (NIV Pr.4:23)

Christmas is the perfect time to reflect on our lives as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. One of the names used for Jesus Christ in Isaiah 9:6 is “Prince of Peace”.

The Hebrew word for peace, shalom, means wholeness in all of life, completeness, welfare, safety. Isn’t that what we all need and seek. God sent Jesus as a perfect gift to us to give us peace, wholeness and completeness in every aspect of life.

Why don’t you take some time this Christmas season, away from all distractions. Find a quiet place and ask yourselves few questions?

* How is my heart doing? (Examine your values, your motivations, your beliefs.)

* What is it that drives me or motivates me? What is it that stops me or limits me of moving forward? What fears have I  got?

* Where is my life heading?

*What do I want to see happening this coming year or in three, five years time?

* What needs to take place in order for this to happen?

*What unique skills, talents and resources have I got and how can I implement them and develop them?

* What new daily habits I need to adopt that will take me to where I want to be?


Take time to rest, enjoy and reflect this Christmas!

With all this in mind, I wish you all joyful and peaceful Christmas!


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