A well-known slogan says that dreams without goals will be just dreams. However, dreams with goals and a plan will become achievements.
The process of setting goals is an essential part of our development. It helps us put our lives into perspective and take the appropriate actions about what we want to see happening, changed or achieved. Setting goals helps us move our lives forward. It pushes us out of the comfort zone, and out of the status quo. When we start following our goals, we begin a process which stretches our faith, our abilities and challenges us to grow and develop. Every step toward achieving our goals strengthens our spiritual muscles, builds our confidence and stamina. The real miracle happens during the journey toward reaching our goals because in that journey we evolve and mature.

When we set goals, we take responsibility for our lives. And vice versa, when we don’t set goals, we allow other people or circumstances to control our lives. As a good quote from Michael Josephson says, “You are the captain of your own ship; don’t let anyone else take the wheel.
It is essential to learn to look at the bigger picture of our lives in order to decide what is the most important thing for us and where we would like our life to be in the next few years. This will help us to set appropriate goals and create a plan to follow.

Another reason why setting goals is so important is because it helps us to focus our energy in the right direction! Without a goal, our lives look like shooting in the air. We need a target to focus our energy on. The focus is the key to having a productive life. The lack of focus which often comes as a result of multitasking is one of the worst enemies of productivity. We can’t do everything in life. What we need to do, is to focus on using our skills and talents in doing what matters the most and what would make the most significant impact.

The goals that we have set before us could give us hope in the worst situation. They could keep us moving forward and help us endure even the most distressing times. The purpose doesn’t have to be big but big enough to motivate us to move forward.

For example, someone who had been through major surgery and found himself unable to get up from the bed might focus first on trying to sit up in bed for a while. After a while when he feels more confident, he might start working on standing up and later on walking along the hallway.
And, someone else who wants to lose weight might decide that his first step would be to join a supportive group, such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers.
These all might look very simple and insignificant but is essential for the recovery and produce major results on a longer term. Getting from where we are to where we want to be isn’t one big leap, it takes small steps consistently for a certain period. The goal doesn’t have to be big to be important; it just has to motivate you to carry on.

If you feel stuck today, or feel discouraged and demotivated, it is time for you to put your life into perspective and set some new goals, which are congruent with your values and will motivate you to grow and develop your potential.

If you need help for the goal-setting process and you need someone to be accountable to, please contact me for a free 30 min telephone consultation, and we can discuss how I can assist you the best.